No. 106: Help Me With My Blind Spots

I couldn’t see oncoming traffic as I tried to make a left turn after picking up my daughter yesterday evening. A car slowed to a stop to give me space to pull out and the driver waved for me to come through. 

Typically, people wave at you to let you know that they are giving you space to come out. This guy was waving more aggressively and I could see that he was looking at oncoming traffic to let me know that the coast was clear. 

After I pulled out, I waved and he gave me a thumbs up. The feeling of gratitude I had in that moment got me thinking about the folks over the years who have pointed out my blind spots in how I treated people, approached my work, competed in athletics. 

Imagine if I didn’t have the guy there to help me where I couldn’t see. I would have had to wait for quite some time before traffic cleared enough for me to be able to see. Or, I could have chanced it, pulled out and risked a serious accident. 

The folks who point out our blind spots are invaluable. Making the effort to be open to their guidance is invaluable. Let’s all help and get help with blind spots. 

What else? What are some times when you have helped, or been helped with a blind spot?