No. 122: 3 Tuesday AM Reads/Views – Talib Kweli and Indie 500 | Kara Nortman Breaks Down E-Commerce | NJ Ayuk Takes Centurion to New Heights

  1. Within five minutes of meeting NJ Ayuk a few years ago, his gravitas came through clearly. After hanging out with him a bit longer, I figured his law firm, Centurion Law Group, was going to be a force across Africa. Here’s a cool video the firm just released. Be sure to check out the rest of the site and sign up for the firm’s newsletter.

  2. Talib Kweli penned a short history of how he got to the point of releasing his latest album, Indie 500 with 9th Wonder. I look forward to checking out the album.

  3. Kara Nortman, a partner at Upront Ventures, breaks down the categories within the behemoth that has become e-commerce. While I see the categories she outlines as more layers within e-commerce than buckets, her points are very interesting. In particular, the merchandising section caught my eye. Having a catalog of my wardrobe and companies selling into that is pretty compelling for someone like me. I have clear needs and criteria for what I will purchase (no more than six/seven shirts that all work with a suit or jeans, brown shoes always, etc), so something like this would be helpful for me as winter is coming and I am yet to purchase more blue v-neck sweaters or have my boots re-soled.

No. 117: 3 Tuesday AM Reads – Davidson Grad Gets a Promotion |JP Morgan Has Plans for Africa | Gabon’s Energy Sector at 30,000ft

  1. I nearly clicked my heels when I saw the news of Amrote Abdella being named Regional Director of Microsoft’s 4Afrika Initiative, an effort for Microsoft to support economic development on the continent while finding new business opportunities. I’m a big fan of Amrote’s. Seeing Davidson alumnae killing it will never get old.

  2. What is getting old is American business news anchors not believing that there is opportunity to do business in African countries. See Stephanie Ruhle’s face during her interview with JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon at the 25:40 mark. At least Stephanie listened. Check out this interview Trish Regan did with McKinsey Director, Acha Leke, last year.

  3. Interesting analysis of market headwinds Africa’s oil and gas industries face and how consistent regulatory policy could help mitigate the impact of dropping energy prices. Speaking of consistent regulatory policy, NJ Ayuk and his Centurion law firm, put out a guide to Gabon’s energy sector, including an explanation of its new hydrocarbons law.