No. 249 – Thursday Reads

Source: Bessemer Ventures

State of the Cloud 2020 – Watching the rollout of Zoom at the office was fascinating. One day, I get a an email that we were testing Zoom. A month later, leadership started communicating that they prefer it to Skype. It wasn’t that long ago when someone from the IT team would have to take my laptop to install new software. None of that with this Zoom rollout. The automagic nature of the cloud is pretty incredible and the analysis Bessemer Ventures did here on where the cloud industry is now is quite fascinating. I mean, Slack went from $1M to $100M in revenue in two years! As cloud infrastructure continues to be part of all of our technology, it would probably be good for executives to read Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Antifragile. Cloud technology will need to have ever stronger fail-safes as global conflict continues its shift to the internet. We saw the coordinated Zoom-bombing that took place in the early weeks of social distancing. We don’t want to see worse.

Cuomo Partners with Startup for NYCHA Coronavirus Testing Pilot – Governor Cuomo highlights concentrated populations being most susceptible to COVID-19 and that public housing is where New York has its highest concentrations of people. Yet, the state doesn’t know how many cases of COVID-19 there are in public housing. That tells me someone made the decision not to prioritize testing in public housing. Someone should ask Gregory Russ and Vito Mustaciuolo who made that decision once this is all over. I’m glad the state has found a partner to start testing now. It’s infuriating it’s just now starting.

Amid Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, Governor Cuomo and Mayor Mike Bloomberg Launch Nation-Leading COVID-19 Contact Tracing Program to Control Infection Rate – It took a lot for Mike Bloomberg to acknowledge the negative impact of stop and frisk on black and brown people in NYC. Why would the city want him involved with contact tracing? I’ve written about my concerns with immunity certifications leading us to minority groups bearing the brunt of isolation. That concern is heightened in a situation like New York rolling out testing in public housing areas last minute like this.

COVID-19: Governors opt for 2-wk inter-state lockdown – All 36 governors of Nigeria have agreed to implement a 2 week lockdown in order to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. It’s great to see their coordination. Here in the US, we’ve got a certain governor acting like Leeroy Jenkins (sorry for the language).

Steve McNair went third in the NFL draft 25 years ago. We may never see another HBCU player go as high. – In the 25 years since Steve McNair heard his name called, only 142 other HBCU players have heard their name called. That’s wild.

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