No. 241 – Wednesday Reads

Source: McKinsey & Co

For Black America, COVID-19 Is The Bullet. America Is The Gun – “This is how the coronavirus kills Black people. This is how half of the related deaths in Mississippi are Black. This is how 70 percent of the deaths in Louisiana are Black. Sixty-two percent in D.C. And so on. And so on. Not by Black negligence. Not by Black irresponsibility. But because this is how America has been designed since the very first Black footsteps touched down on this country’s soil. The virus and all of its terror is simply one of the many ways weaponized America-ness kills. And kills. And kills.”

COVID-19: Investing in black lives and livelihoods – “While this article was in development, one of the authors’ family members, a healthcare worker in Brooklyn, passed away from complications related to COVID-19.” 

Mozambique: ExxonMobil’s delayed LNG investment decision is disappointing-INP – “The development is valued at between $20 billion and $25 billion (€18.3 billion to €23 billion) and is one of the largest planned for Africa.”

How Democrats Won Big in Wisconsin – “There is a concept in psychology called “moral injury,” which refers to seeing something happen—or feeling like one failed to prevent something from happening—that is so fundamentally wrong that it tears at the fabric of your moral expectations of the world.”

The Midas List: The World’s Best Venture Capital Investors In 2020 – “To qualify, investors are ranked by their portfolio companies that have gone public or been acquired for at least $200 million over the past five years, or that have at least doubled their private valuation since initial investment to $400 million or more over the same period.” 

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