No. 240 – Tuesday Reads

Source: Techcrunch

Some Policy Lessons from COVID-19 “It is about time that African progressivism focused not just on criticizing those in power, but also on developing viable political programs that can win power. This will require organization, political education and communication that resonates with mass publics, genuine openness to knowing “the realities on the ground”, and a dose of principled ideological promiscuity pragmatism. The habit of waiting for perfectly enlightened voters and politicians under perfect institutional conditions effectively concedes the fight to the region’s shamelessly inept water-carriers.”

Lila Fenwick, Who Broke a Barrier at Harvard Law, Dies at 87 – “Ms. Fenwick graduated from law school in 1956, one of a handful of women in a class of hundreds. Ruth Bader Ginsburg started the next school year, when the dean at the time famously challenged the nine women in the class of the future Supreme Court justice to defend why they were occupying a place that could have gone to a man.”

The City That Has Flattened the Coronavirus Curve – “The economic hardship a shutdown would cause was not lost on Breed. She was raised in a public-housing project by her grandmother, from whom, Harris said, Breed inherited a practical streak. Breed’s sister died of a drug overdose, while her brother is currently incarcerated on a 44-year sentence for manslaughter. “Her grandmother was a tough lady,” recalled Harris, who has known Breed for years. “She was practical, practical to her core.”

Africa is on our DNA – “At 54gene, driving change means focusing on ensuring that the welfare of Africans is not left out of global health developments while also building a long term sustainable business that will contribute to the continent for many years to come.” (note: 54Gene just announced a $15m series A round of financing.)

Stephon Marbury’s Wild Ride on the Front End of the Coronavirus Pandemic – “The games have to stop now. The game won’t be fun if people die.”

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