No. 239 – Monday Reads

Source: Scott Galloway

Black-Owned Businesses Could Face Hurdles in Federal Aid Program – “This roughly $68 billion will only begin to address the disparities within capitalism brought into relief by coronavirus…By prioritizing clients that already have existing lines of credit, black businesses and nonprofits find themselves yet again excluded from live-saving relief.”

Earl G. Graves Sr., a Voice for Black Entrepreneurs, Dies at 85 – “The white-dominated business world needs to understand that we don’t want charity. We want to do business. We don’t want guaranteed success. We want the opportunity to earn it.”

World’s Biggest Maker of Sneakers Asked to Halt Vietnam Operations – “The group produces over 300 million pairs of shoes per annum, it said on its website, accounting for approximately 20% of the combined wholesale value of the global branded athletic and casual footwear market.”

Capitalists or Cronyists? – “Modern-day “capitalism” in America is to flatten the risk curve for people who already have money, by borrowing from future generations with debt-fueled bailouts for companies. We have consciously decided to reduce the downside for the wealthy, thereby limiting the upside for future generations.”

Zoom Bombing a High School Class – “Learning from your own mistakes and experiences is a good skill. Many people make the same mistakes over and over again. But learning from other people’s mistakes or experiences is a great skill of immense power. It’s rare. Cultivate it.”

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