No. 212: Track Saturday

The Shanghai Diamond League meet is this weekend, and the 100m dash was electric.

Christian Coleman is an incredible sprinter. He holds the world record in the 60m dash. Over the first 50m of this race, you see how. He’s like a loaded spring out of the blocks. He loses this race in similar fashion to the way in which he lost races to Ronnie Baker last year – he loses steam towards the end of the race. I think the biggest reason why is that his body remains in a quasi-drive phase throughout the race. That’s putting extra pressure on his body to remain balanced while also trying to stave off deceleration. All-in-all, it’s inefficient and his body gets tired quick.

What Noah Lyles does from the middle of the track in this race is not normal. A professional sprinter should not run down other professional sprinters like this to win a race, yet he does in large part because of how efficient he is after he gets out of his drive phase. Watching him run is a thing of beauty. His start is quite weak, but considering he’s three years out of high school, he’ll figure it out. Once he does, he’ll come the closest to breaking Usain Bolt’s 200m dash record and just might break it because he actually runs well through the finish line.

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