No. 156: 3AMReads: Azure in Africa |Facebook Invests in Fiber Optic | Volvo Takes to Kenya

Microsoft Announces First Public Cloud in Africa

Microsoft announced today that it was going to stand up two data centers in South Africa, the first public data centers on the continent. Let that sit with you for a bit. Hopefully, this is the beginning of public clouds proliferating across the continent. The benefits of this reach from public sector revenue generation to auto mobility technologies I was fretting over yesterday. GM, come back, maybe?

Facebook Invests in Fiber Optic in Uganda

I missed the news earlier this year that Uganda was investing $170M in a fiber optic project in Uganda. East Africa landing $270M in fiber optic investments over the past couple months, including Google investing $100M in Csquared, is definitely a good look. Keep it coming!

Volvo Expanding Truck-Building to Kenya

Volvo announced yesterday that it was opening its third truck assembly plant on the African continent, this time in Kenya. I look forward to seeing how this operation performs considering the work the East African Community has done to ensure cross border trade is as strong as possible.

4 thoughts on “No. 156: 3AMReads: Azure in Africa |Facebook Invests in Fiber Optic | Volvo Takes to Kenya

  1. Monday, 02 May 2016
    Artilium to Expand in Africa in Partnership with Tritente Global Energy Group
    Artilium plc, the AIM quoted provider of innovative telecommunication software and solutions, announces that it is partnering with Tritente Global Energy Group to launch Artilium-Africa in order to meet the demand for data and telecom services in the fastest growing continent in the world.

    The partnership is intended to bring Artilium’s 3G-4G mobile data service, cloud and innovative telecom services to the African market. Artilium Africa has started to acquire a value added services license in Ethiopia and is already in discussions with a number of potential customers for the provision of specific services in that country.

    Artilium’s disruptive micro-data center is an ideal solution to distribute telecom services throughout Africa where 1.3 billion people reside. Artilium already serves 50 telco brands such as T-Mobile and 10 million users in 20 countries with its services, but as yet none based in Africa.

    Bart Weijermars, Chief Executive Officer of Artilium said:

    “Tritente is the perfect platform for Artilium to expand into Africa, which is in the early stages of the data and telecom revolution. Tritente is leading $6 billion of projects in renewable energy and power transmission in Sub Saharan Africa. They can open avenues in dozens of the 52 Sub Saharan countries”.

    Paul Delkaso, CEO of Tritente and Managing Partner of Artilium-Africa said:

    “Our plan is to bring the Artilium-Africa solution to every African country mobile operator, MVNO business, educational institution, Government entities and every cell phone holder”. Mr. Delkaso who is based in the Washington DC area is in Africa to establish operations in the first of six countries.

    In contrast to the traditional large-scale mega data centers, which consume massive electricity, Artilium-Africa expects to have 10-20 times more energy-efficient, micro-data centers spread throughout each country. Most will be powered by renewable energy and include next-generation energy storage.


  2. (NewsUSA) – Affordable mobile telecommunications in Africa are expanding through a joint venture between two Virginia-based companies.
    “Our 20-20-20 goal is to serve 20 million Africans in 20 countries by 2020,” says Paul Delkaso, managing member of the Virginia-based Artilium-Africa, and president and CEO of Tristar and Tritente Global Energy Group.
    “Africa’s population across 54 countries is 1.2 billion. To be able to reach the maximum number of people most cost-effectively, our strategy is to partner with existing mobile operators to expand their customer base, while also looking for strategic opportunities,” he says in a statement.
    Artilium-Africa is a collaboration between an established Belgian telecommunications company and the Tritente Global Energy Group (, an organization launching $4.6 billion worth of renewable energy and transmission infrastructure in Africa. Artilium-Africa has initial arrangements in place with mobile operators in five African countries to provide cloud and telecom services.
    Artilium provides software to network operators and service providers. One of the key benefits of the service is Artilium’s signature product, the ARTA Mobile Applications Platform. The platform enables network operators to open networks to third party developers and launch new services with elements from both telecom and web environments. The service is designed to optimize the way customers in Africa use mobile technology, whether to pay bills, manage data, or connect with the world.
    Artilium-Africa has the potential to leapfrog over mobile competitors Facebook and Google in pursuit of the African audience, according to a company statement. The Artilium software allows for 80 percent to 90 percent cost savings and fast connectivity, while the decentralized design allows for inexpensive deployment of cloud, telecom, and value-added services. In addition, the company’s credibility with many Sub-Saharan countries has facilitated several contracts that comply with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. University partnerships also may help build the Artilium network capacity in Africa.
    Artilium-Africa has an exclusive license for Africa to deploy its disruptive 700-terabyte, 15-kwh micro data center, which requires about as much power as a vacuum cleaner and takes up about as much space as a small refrigerator. The company is integrating this micro data center with its “All-in-One-App,” with features that include bill paying, chatting, and connecting with services such as hallo doctors or hallo taxis. “Think PayPal, WeChat,Viber, WebMD et. al., rolled into one All in-one App and tailored to Africa,” says Delkaso.
    Visit to learn more about the company’s partnerships and potential.


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