No. 146 – Three AM Reads: South Africa’s Junk Status a Quick Fix? | Another Innovators List | Chevy Volt Designer Goes Home to Nigeria

South Africa Central Bank Governor Says Junk Status Can be Addressed Quickly

During the World Economic Forum held in Durban this week, South African Central Bank Governor Lesetja Kganyago said that South African can quickly deal with the concerns ratings agencies have raised in cutting the country’s credit rating to junk status or putting its rating on review for a downgrade. I’m curious what path he sees for that to happen. The ratings cuts happened after President Zuma flipped his entire cabinet in the wee hours of the night last month. The political uncertainty driven by the President is the primary issue and I don’t see how that changes unless he’s no longer in office.

Quartz Releases 2017 Africa Innovators List

Yesterday, I highlighted a list of women innovators across Africa. Today, Quartz released its list of innovators across the continent, and it’s a good one as well. Kudos to Karim Sy for making the list!

Chevy Volt Designer Leading Development of Nigeria’s Automotive Industry

So, I definitely missed this in the news cycle several weeks ago. Jelani Aliyu, the designer of the Chevy Volt, has been tapped to lead Nigeria’s National Automotive Design and Development Council. That’s really cool. More vim to him in contributing to the country building up industries outside of the energy space.

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