No. 144: Three AM Reads: Education in Africa Needs $16-$18B | Dangote Refinery Signs Equipment Deal with Honeywell | Egypt Tops List of Countries for Hotel Development

Report Touts Investment Opportunity for Private Education Across Africa

DC-based Caerus Capital put together a report on the investment opportunity in private education across Africa. The authors project that 25% of school age children – 66 million children – across Africa will be in private education by 2021, up from the 21% who are currently enrolled. The authors also point out that private education across Africa needs about $16-$18B in private investment over the next five years to ensure a strong industry on the continent. One of the rough data points in the report is that ~30M school-age children across the continent are not in school right now. I’m still digesting the report, but a few things immediately come to mind:

1) African stakeholders need to be involved in funding these type reports. None of the funders of this report are African organizations.

2) The investment opportunity for education is massive on the continent, yet I’m nervous about governments not being a good partner with the private sector in developing private education. That leaves much room for private education that is all over the place in terms of quality.

Dangote Oil Refinery Company Purchases Equipment from Honeywell International

New Jersey-based Honeywell International announced that one of it’s subsidiaries will be supplying the Dangote Oil Refinery Company with an equipment package for the construction of its single-train refinery complex near Lagos. The refinery is slated to be the largest of it’s type in the world. Construction of the refinery is slated for completion in 2018, and due to be operational in 2019. I’m curious to see how many American jobs this deal will support.

Top 10 African Countries for Hotel Development

This is an interesting list of the top African countries for hotel development. According to TOPHOTELPROJECTS, Egypt, Morocco, and Nigeria take the top three spots. I’m curious about those 12 projects going on in Cape Verde. Anyone up for a vacation soon?

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