No. 128: Top Posts of 2015

I got this email earlier today from WordPress recapping the year, so I figured I would share the top posts from the year.

1. What Does a Black Princess Look Like?

My daughter calls herself queen now, and me king. I’m not quite sure where she got that, but I smile wide every time I hear her refer to herself as that.

2. Why I Do What I Do?

It was helpful reading this again.

3. Thoughts on David Brooks’ Letter to Ta-Nehisi Coates

After writing this, I felt like I should apologize. There is nothing particularly forceful about it. Just a bit more honest about what I believe these days. I read it again before putting this post together and still felt an apology forming in my mind. An apology for putting distance between me and those who think they are white. For writing in terms of “them”. An apology for speaking plainly. That’s a frustrating feeling.

4. Osiakwan: Africa’s Time is Now

Here’s to Eric and Chanzo Capital scrapping for Africa’s potential.

5. Help Me With My Blind Spots

I’ve seen more blind spots since I wrote this post, thanks to my friends. I’m very grateful for them (my blind spots and my friends).

Here’s to more words (hopefully productive ones) over the next year.

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