No. 122: 3 Tuesday AM Reads/Views – Talib Kweli and Indie 500 | Kara Nortman Breaks Down E-Commerce | NJ Ayuk Takes Centurion to New Heights

  1. Within five minutes of meeting NJ Ayuk a few years ago, his gravitas came through clearly. After hanging out with him a bit longer, I figured his law firm, Centurion Law Group, was going to be a force across Africa. Here’s a cool video the firm just released. Be sure to check out the rest of the site and sign up for the firm’s newsletter.

  2. Talib Kweli penned a short history of how he got to the point of releasing his latest album, Indie 500 with 9th Wonder. I look forward to checking out the album.

  3. Kara Nortman, a partner at Upront Ventures, breaks down the categories within the behemoth that has become e-commerce. While I see the categories she outlines as more layers within e-commerce than buckets, her points are very interesting. In particular, the merchandising section caught my eye. Having a catalog of my wardrobe and companies selling into that is pretty compelling for someone like me. I have clear needs and criteria for what I will purchase (no more than six/seven shirts that all work with a suit or jeans, brown shoes always, etc), so something like this would be helpful for me as winter is coming and I am yet to purchase more blue v-neck sweaters or have my boots re-soled.

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