No. 109: 3 Tuesday AM Reads – US-China Relations and Africa | Africa’s Beer Market | Baltimore on the Rise

  1. Aly-Khan Satchu, one of the most respected equity investors in Kenya, discusses briefly how US-China cooperation would be a benefit to African countries. This aligns with comments Bobby Pittman, managing director of Kupanda Capital made at a session discussing the Electrify Africa Act. More on that sometime later this week.

  2. There are rumors of Anheuser-Busch InBev making a bid to acquire SABMiller. Here’s a good piece on how important the African beer market is to that deal.

  3. Steve Case was in Baltimore yesterday as part of his Rise of the Rest tour to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit in other cities around the country. Here’s a piece on his excitement about the city’s potential. I felt so much energy during the Baltimore Bike Party last Friday night and was amazed by the energy and excitement of participants and onlookers. We rode through parts of Baltimore that have seen hard times for a long time, including the areas where rioting took place following Freddy Gray’s death. Yet, I felt a belief and pride in the city.  Rooting for Baltimore.

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