No. 101: Christian Taylor Almost Set the Triple Jump World Record!

What a jump! That last phase looks like it hurt, but was so worth it! The world record in the triple jump is 60′. So close! That is the third time Taylor has jumped beyond 18m, equaling the number of times Jonathan Edwards – the world record holder – jumped beyond the 18m mark. He is making a strong case for nipping at Edwards’ heels as the greatest triple jumper in history. Check out these stats on the furthest jumps in triple jump history.

Here’s Christian Taylor speaking before the IAAF World Championships about switching his takeoff legs. He has jumped 58’9″ inches with his left leg, and 59’7″ with his right leg. Beast.

Another story from the championships is Kenya expanding beyond its dominance of the distance events. Nicholas Bett won the 400m hurdles in 47.79 from lane 9, while taking 13 steps between each hurdle for the entire race. Typically, you see athletes go 14-15 steps over the last 5 or so hurdles. Andre Phillips almost ran sub-47 seconds in the 400m hurdles going 13 steps. Kevin Young, the world record holder went down to 12 steps before finishing up with 13 steps!

Could we see Bett take the lead in pushing the event to the 47-second edge? With more work on his speed and technique, in particular, getting that lead leg down, perhaps! Check out his race below.

Julius Yego, another Kenyan, won the Javelin with 304’2″ – the furthest distance thrown in the event in 14 years. What a great throw!

Yego already had the world’s top throw of the year with a 299’8″ performance. I hope he has what it takes to push towards Jan Jelezny’s world record of 323′. Considering that Yego learned the sport through YouTube, while Jelezny grew up in the javelin-chucking center of the world, he is progressing quite nicely. Take a look at Yego’s progression, compared to Jelezny’s,

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