No. 81: There’s Not Enough Space in This Room for Both God and Fear

Be sure to subscribe to David D.’s The Freedom Ring. He’s calling up sung and unsung players in the Civil Rights movement and documenting their stories. His first conversation was with his dad, David Dennis, Sr. Amazing stories about how he got his start in the movement, people he met along the way, and some really interesting encounters. This is just golden stuff. The title came from a statement Mr. Dennis shared from a debate about whether the Freedom Rides should continue.

Things that stood out from the conversation:

1. The role his Nigerian classmate played in getting him involved in the movement. There is so much importance in Africans and African-Americans connecting and sharing stories and experiences;

2. The importance of women to the movement. For example, two women were pivotal in pushing for the Freedom Rides to continue. If you have a black woman involved in your life, tell her thank you for all she does. If you don’t, find one and tell her thank you; and

3. The bravery of students my youngest brother’s age. I was a punk in college and didn’t step up to the plate in some important conversations on race led by students like David D. at Davidson. Imagine stepping on a bus with certainty that you probably weren’t going to be alive at the end of the trip. Incredible.

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