No. 78: Shoutouts 

There should be an app that tracks when you’re bragging about your friends and sends them updates when you do. 

One of my good friends and daughter’s godmother, Livi, is pursuing her PhD at the University College London and got upgraded from a Master’s candidate to a PhD candidate a few days ago after writing a chapter of her thesis and giving a lecture to the faculty. I’m extremely proud of her. In college, she would talk about pursuing one and to see her reach a major milestone in that goal is super inspiring. 

My little brother, Kwadwo, just released a new short film called Yours Only. It’s a dope mix of a dystopian future and folks who take a moment to worship in the midst of a tough situation. 

The youngest Som-Pimpong sibling, Delali, just graduated from middle school and got an award for how she embodied the ethos of her school. I’m super proud of the beautiful young woman she is. I pity the fool who steps to her incorrectly. I’ve been picking up serious weight in the gym. 

This list could go on. It’s so awesome watching friends and family take big steps in their lives. 

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