No. 16: Uganda – Farming Challenges in Kayongo

Though back in the US, I am still in awe at how lush Uganda’s land is. I am also in awe to have seen so many children with malnutrition at the church I worshipped at on my last Sunday in the country. I and some friends travelled to a village called Kayongo that is located about 3-4 hours east of Kampala. One of my friends has a relationship with a pastor who lives in this community, and we spent a significant amount of time together over the course of our last week in the country.

Agriculture is the primary source of income in the Kayongo area, and drought conditions during the past two years have had a significant impact on families’ abilities to feed themselves – let alone make some money. Imagine how I was trying to figure out how fast Kayongo can realize its piece of the continent’s $880 billion potential agricultural output?

Seeing so much arable land, coupled with the reality of hunger that some of these families were facing left me stumped. The pastor in this community seems to have done a lot to identify potential resources that they can tap into to improve their farming practices. I believe the Uganda Clusters Program could really have an impact in this community, connecting subsistence farmers to fellow farmers who are effectively operating their farms as businesses.

Seeing that community really put meat to the PowerPoints and white papers I have read on agriculture on the African continent. I look forward to learning more about driving agricultural growth on the continent among small-scale farmers.

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